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School Profile

At Audubon High School we believe high expectations, hard work, and strong instructional support increase students’ opportunities for success. It is in this spirit that we challenge students to enhance their knowledge in all areas of the curriculum. We continue to work diligently to provide students with the skills and knowledge to demonstrate proficiency on state-mandated tests, end of course assessments, and college entrance exams.

To encourage students to achieve higher order skills, AP classes are offered in Language Arts, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, US History, French and Spanish. In addition, we maintain a partnership with the Kaplan Group to provide instruction in the skills students need to be successful on college entrance exams. Audubon High School is also a host site for the “Virtual High School” program to increase upper level course offerings.

In 2019 - 2020, we enter our sixth year of the 1-to-1 Chromebook initiative. Students and teachers will use Google Classroom, Docs, Gmail and other Google applications to complete assignments, check progress, and communicate in order to increase student engagement. Teachers will undergo continuing education in Chromebook technology in order to maximize instructional applications and opportunity.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities continue to enrich the school program. Students are offered opportunities to participate in activities ranging from athletic programs to service groups to the arts.

The extracurricular athletic program includes varsity and sub-varsity level sports as well as intramural programs in a variety of areas. Active parent booster groups continue to provide support for students participating in athletic programs.

The performing arts program is a great source of pride at Audubon High School. Marching band, jazz band, concert choir, concert band, ensemble, and drama groups serve as avenues to expand our students’ appreciation of and participation in the arts. Student participation in our spring musical production encompasses all facets of theater arts from set design and construction to lighting, sound production, make-up, voice, and acting.

Peer tutoring for students in need of academic assistance is offered by our school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Additionally, there is a start-up program within the school to assist with enriching math skills. This new math tutorial program is geared toward all school students in an effort to boost their overall conceptual math skills. Students who excel in a world language are recognized by induction into the World Language National Honor Society, and students who excel in upper level math programs are recognized by induction into the Mathematics Honor Society.

A 2006 construction project provided our students with a state-of-the-art science wing that includes four fully equipped science labs. This project also included a new gymnasium and a new band room, as well as major renovations to the existing performing arts areas. These improvements have had a positive impact on all instructional areas.

Audubon High School also conducts a Student/Faculty Spotlight Program, a motivational program focusing upon students and staff for their positive achievements. The community has embraced the activities of the Spotlight Program. The Spotlight Program continues to sponsor a variety of activities including American Education Week activities for the students, Teacher Appreciation Week activities, Staff Appreciation Week activities, student rewards for attaining gold, green or white recognition status, student of the month and more. The program also sponsors Student Spotlight Awards, a Graduate of the Year Scholarship, and Gold Card award ceremonies. The Audubon Spotlight Program invites the community into the school to see the exciting activities being offered and to observe the people that bring the programs to fruition at the Jr.-Sr. High School. To find out more about all the school activities the Audubon Spotlight Program sponsors, please go to the Spotlight link located on the Audubon School District’s website.

Audubon Jr.- Sr. High School is one of the very few schools that houses seventh through twelfth grade students. One of the goals of both the seventh and eighth grades is to prepare students for their transition into high school. The seventh and eighth grade teachers are divided into teams that work on interdisciplinary activities and learning. The teams also meet to discuss student concerns so that they can proactively identify any student who may be in need of assistance (socially, educationally, or otherwise). Activities for the seventh and eighth grade teams for the 2019 - 2020 school year include reward days for students who completed and returned all assigned tasks and movie days for those with perfect attendance. In support of academic excellence, homework sheets are posted on line where students and parents have access to all nightly homework assignments. Seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students and their parents are expected to employ their technological skills to access assigned tasks either by way of teacher web pages hosted by the district or through g-mail accounts. This process is used to ensure the success of all our students and to gradually promote the use of technology in the students’ everyday lives. A Junior National Honor Society program is also in place to recognize those seventh and eighth grade students who have attained the necessary grade point average and who have complied with the other determining factors to be accepted as a member of this nationally recognized organization.

Our Teen-to-Teen program continues to pair incoming students with a peer mentor. This program works hard to ensure that all students feel a connection and are comfortable in the school. The Peer-to-Peer program continues this year as well. Student leaders are chosen to take part in this program, which focuses on drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse awareness.

New Jersey Scholars is part of a national initiative that encourages students to complete a more rigorous high school course sequence that will better ensure their success in college and in the workplace. There is significant research that indicates students who take a specific sequence of rigorous course work score significantly higher on the college entrance exams (SAT), are twice as likely to be ready for college, triple their chances of staying in college to complete their bachelor’s degree, and earn 13% more per year than students taking less rigorous courses even if they do not go to college. Our goal is to make sure students are primed for success whether they enter college or the workplace.

The High School Plus program gives students the opportunity to earn college credit for designated courses through the Camden County College High School Plus program. Audubon High School also offers eight AP programs in house and students have access to others via Virtual High School.

The Junior-Senior High School also employs a program titled “Genesis Parent.” This program is web based and provides parents/guardians real time access to their child’s general records, attendance records, and report card information by way of the internet. Although the information available to parents by this means is unofficial, it is a good communication tool between the school and the parents, and provides a means for parents to monitor their child’s progress through the course of the school year. Other means of communication between the High School and community include the Audubon SD Smartphone app and a semi-monthly newsletter (also accessible using the Audubon SD app).

Our outstanding student body is complemented by an equally outstanding staff whose members are committed to providing students with a quality education in a caring and compassionate setting. Faculty members strive to improve themselves professionally by attending staff development workshops and other instructionally relevant seminars. Staff involvement in student activities is strongly encouraged.