Student Council

The Audubon High School Student Council, under its Constitution ratified February 17, 1982, is an equal representative body consisting of fellow students. Occupying a central position of importance within the school, with its influence felt in all phases of student life, the purpose of this organization is to provide a working relationship with the Administration, Faculty, and Board of Education, while encouraging growth in both citizenship and leadership.

Along with this the Student Council offers many community service projects – such as the Thanksgiving Food Drive, Senior Citizens’ Spring and Winter Socials. Student-offered activities include dances, Homecoming festivities, the Winter Ball, the Junior vs. Senior Powderpuff Game, Pep Rallies, and Spirit Week.

It is the duty of all the students to select their representatives wisely and actively support all Student Council activities.

General meetings, run under Parliamentary procedure, are held once monthly. (Thus, students are offered a chance with their representatives and officers, to make recommendations for student rights.)


  • President – Emily Grim
  • Vice President – Riley Jakubowski
  • Corresponding Secretary – Emily Owens
  • Treasurer – Emily McGrath
  • Social Chairperson – Cori Frockowiak