Course of Study - AHS

The curriculum guide is available by clicking on the link below.

AHS Program of Studies 2020-2021

The Guidance department will be presenting the curriculum guide to students in January and February. Following the presentations, counselors will meet individually with students to select courses for the following school year. Recommendations for courses are posted in Parent and Student Genesis. If a student or a parent has a question about a recommendation, we advise that you contact the teacher first to discuss your concerns. 

Please note that some courses have pre-requisites. These requirements must be met in order for a student to be eligible to participate in any of these courses during the upcoming school year. There will be no parent/guardian waivers issued to students for courses with prerequisites.

If you have additional questions or concerns after speaking with a teacher and/or counselor about a particular course, please contact the Department Supervisor directly.

  • Science & World Language courses - Mr. Buchs - (856) 547-7695, ext. 4114
  • Language Arts & VHS - Mrs. Reising - (856) 547-7695, ext. 4138
  • Social Studies - Mr. Corley - (856) 547-7695, ext. 4122
  • Mathematics - Mr. Miller - (856) 547-7695 ext. 4109
  • Fine & Industrial Arts - Mr. Carbone (856) 547-7695, ext. 4123