Audubon Public Schools will operate on a one & a half-hour delayed opening schedule tomorrow, Thursday, March 22nd unless conditions significantly worsen, in which case we will notify everyone by 6:00AM. There will be no AM preschool. Starting times for our schools will be: High School will open at 9:30AM, Mansion Avenue at 10:00AM, and Haviland Avenue at 9:30AM. Our PM preschool session will begin at 11:50AM. Please keep in mind that these times are based on a one & a half hour delay. Thank you.

Welcome to Audubon Jr. - Sr. High School

Audubon High School was opened in September, 1926, with an approximate enrollment of 500 pupils. The school developed into a full six-year high school, so that when school opened in September, 1928, the seventh, eighth and ninth years composed the Junior School and the tenth, eleventh and twelfth years composed the Senior School.

Audubon High School is fully accredited and approved by the New Jersey Department of Education. Such approval is attained only after complying with specifications which test the adequacy of the school building, the school equipment, the teaching staff and the records of graduates.

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